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Small Business or Start Up


Website and Accounting Solutions made simple

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Starting a business is easier and closer than you think.


With 99% of start-ups setting out to start something conventional, we can help you take your business, hobby, idea and help you turn it into a viable business.


Post COVID-19 more and more budding entrepreneurs are out there with great ideas and infant business’s, let us help you with your online footprint and accounting solutions




At LAS Ltd we aim to take away the common challenges and considerations of starting up a new business and help you tackle them.

Creating a first impression is important. Building a brand and online presence is essential.  Being able to promote and sell your products and services online is critical.  Managing your business performance, reporting and accounting is a requirement. computing and filing your tax and financial statements are legislation.


Having a one stop Local Analytical Service is SMART 

Starting a business is easier and closer than you think. 

What are you waiting for?



We can help you set up your company with HMRC.

We can create or assist you in building a bespoke website.

We can integrate the website sales into your book-keeping systems

We can be your accountant

We can assist you with business analysis


Generally we can support and speed up these important requirements so you can concentrate on doing what you do best, dealing with the business itself, and making profits



We will build you a simple Website, to market yourself and sell your products and services.

Help get Website Analytic Data and drive hits and repeat business



We will set up your Accounting System to integrate with your Website.

We will help you with your Book Keeping, Tax & Financial Statements



We will help you get behind your numbers and make informed Business Decisions

Analysis of your Data is our Specialty