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Below are some of the Analysis Solutions that Local Analytical Services can offer

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1 Day Workshop



Need to get the most out of your data, and your systems? We can help

We can help you extract and analyse data - finding trends and flagging problems.

Sales Analysis, Margins, Profitability studies can all be done by LAS Ltd



Wondering if the data you have is best analysed in a Excel spreadsheet, an Access database or in a PBI dashboard?

We can help you make these choices and help build models for you



Not enough time or expertise to build your Budgets and Forecasts? 


We offer on site or remote excel Budgeting and Forecasting Modelling at a daily rate

We will listen to your needs and wants and develop a model to assist in this difficult task.

The model will aim to be use able over multiple periods.



Feel like you are manually entering data into multiple Excel documents or systems?


We can help you save on Data Entry time.



Need your numbers to challenge and help your business rather than clog you up and slow you down?

If so you need to utilise tools to help you interrogate you numbers and tell a story of your business

LAS Ltd can support this.


Power BI

Wondering if Power BI can help your business?

We can quickly review your data and needs and build some visualizations if applicable.